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Heidi Vornan
fine jewelry
Heidi Vornan - Goldsmith

Heidi Vornan

Music is an important part of my life and therefore its natural for me to use the visual elements of rock music and tattoo culture to get an edge to my jewellery. For me death skulls aren’t just a temporary fashion trend.

I like foremost the classical style in jewellery. The old demanding goldsmithing techniques done by hand, like the bead and millegrain setting and saw-piercing, please my eye.

Classic in jewellery means for me the fact that the materials are the same as always in precious jewellery. The luxurious but challenging platinum is my favourite metal. I also like to use white and black diamonds in my designs as well as other gemstones. These ingredients and the high quality technique make a piece of jewellery that stands time and keep its value.

My core business is custom made jewelry so don’t hesitate to contact me and together we can design a unique piece just for you!

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