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About the designer


Founded by the designer and goldsmith herself, Heidi Vornan is a high-end jewellery brand for strong and powerful individuals who dare to stand out. Characteristic for the brand is its distinctive rock chic style which is edgy yet fashionable, sophisticated and elegant.

Heidi Vornan is a recognized Finnish goldsmith and designer. Her jewellery has been presented in several exhibitions and her art has been supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Heidi Vornan’s work has also been featured in numerous publications such as Vogue, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Tatler.

After graduating with a goldsmith’s degree, Heidi started finessing her technique at one of Finland’s most prestigious jeweller’s as a bench jeweler in 2006 where she learned from some of the best master goldsmiths in the country. In 2011, Heidi felt that the time was right for her to pursue her dreams and start expressing her artistic ambitions with her own luxury jewellery brand as an independent entrepreneur. Heidi soon found herself a loyal clientele amongst the rock stars, also earning her a playful title as the Finnish Queen of Metal.

Art, jewellery history, music, pop culture and fashion have always been a big influence in Heidi Vornan’s life. Ever since her art school days as a child, memento mori thematics have made a huge impact on Heidi and still inspire her work today. Her ominous yet glamorous creations fuse traditional goldsmithing techniques, modern technology and precious materials with bold and original designs to form powerful luxury jewellery that never passes under the radar. These statement pieces truly allow the wearer to portray who they are through their outward appearance.

Heidi Vornan’s aim is to break the rules without losing the tradition. She values quality and longevity, which is why she uses only the finest materials and respects traditional jewellery-making practices. Heidi is also quick to sense the latest fashion trends and to integrate them into her art. Together with high quality materials, her design style and impeccable technique redefine the classics and form long-lasting treasures that pass on for the generations to come. Just by looking at her original pieces, you can tell that this is jewellery designed for a powerful, independent individual.