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Bespoke & Unique


Heidi’s unique creative vision draws inspiration from art, history, antique jewellery, memento mori jewellery, nature and fashion. She combines these elements and turns them into modern and timeless pieces of jewellery that are a work of art in themselves. Platinum, black diamonds and other peculiar gemstones are amongst Heidi’s preferred materials and are frequently used in her creations to give them the edgy and fashionable yet sophisticated look she is known for. In addition to her jewellery collections, a few times in a year Heidi creates luxurious one-off pieces that often include special gemstones that are a rare find. These are unique one-of-a-kind pieces and there will never be another one just like that. All of Heidi’s unique designs can be found from the web shop as long as they are available.


Artfully designed and meticulously handcrafted, each bespoke piece of jewellery reflects an expression of the client’s personal style. Heidi has a great ability to capture the essence of the intended wearer into exquisite one-of-a-kind jewellery that incorporates the finest materials, hand selected gemstones of exceptional quality and extraordinary level of craftsmanship. Every piece of commissioned jewellery is handcrafted to perfection by Heidi herself. Her creations fuse demanding old and traditional goldsmithing techniques and modern technology. Every project Heidi takes on, she really dives into and takes the time to create a perfect design, transforming the client’s personal vision into timeless jewellery that lasts for the generations to come. Because the bespoke jewellery process has multiple phases and involves a great amount of preparation, designing and handwork, please reserve enough time for the whole process to ensure the best possible outcome.

“I find it quite fascinating that high quality jewellery is something that will pass on for generations. Something we will leave behind to remember us by and yet it is made from completely natural elements that have existed millions of years before us. It’s quite cool if you come to think about it.” -Heidi Vornan

To learn more about our bespoke commissioned services or to commission a unique piece of fine jewellery, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.