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Post Festum diamond editionPost Festum diamond edition
Post Festum diamond edition Sale price€11,800.00
Death On SkatesDeath On Skates
Death On Skates Sale price€5,800.00
Post FestumPost Festum
Post Festum Sale price€1,627.00
The Peasant and Death at the Gates of Heaven and Hell - GoldThe Peasant and Death at the Gates of Heaven and Hell - Gold
The Peasant and Death at the Gates of Heaven and Hell - SilverThe Peasant and Death at the Gates of Heaven and Hell - Silver
Part of Heidi Vornan's Master worksUnique White gold cross necklace with black diamonds
Crucified necklace Sale price€36,000.00
Crossed earrings
Crossed earrings Sale price€4,945.00
Crossed necklaceCrossed necklace
Crossed necklace Sale price€1,620.00
Knuckles - earring jacketsKnuckles - earring jackets
Knuckles - earring jackets Sale price€3,320.00
Upsidedown stud earringsUpsidedown stud earrings
Upsidedown stud earrings Sale priceFrom €350.00
Eternity ring
Black diamond eternity ring Sale price€3,400.00
Keep The Luck InKeep The Luck In
Keep The Luck In Sale price€3,380.00
Sold outBlack diamond studs
Black diamond studs Sale price€1,890.00
Devilish septum clicker
Devilish septum clicker Sale price€1,890.00
Black rose ringBlack rose ring
Black rose ring Sale price€2,728.00
Black No. 1 ring
Black No. 1 ring Sale price€3,800.00
Ice QueenIce Queen
Ice Queen Sale price€15,700.00
I Am Rough
I Am Rough Sale price€1,460.00
Solitaire ring
Solitaire ring Sale price€3,460.00
Cosmic eggCosmic egg
Cosmic egg Sale price€4,280.00
Sold outTahitian pearl earring jacketsTahitian pearl earring jackets
Tahitian pearl earring jackets Sale price€1,249.00
Skull earrings with beryls
Skull earrings with beryls Sale price€1,780.00
Sold outSecret window ring
Secret window ring Sale price€1,630.00
Metallic studs
Metallic studs Sale price€3,198.00
Stapled hoop earringsStapled hoop earrings
Stapled hoop earrings Sale price€215.00
Oversized Stapled hoop earringsOversized Stapled hoop earrings
Nailed necklaceNailed necklace
Nailed necklace Sale price€435.00
Milky Way BraceletMilky Way Bracelet
Milky Way Bracelet Sale price€3,628.00
Sold outSmall Space Inside studsSmall Space Inside studs
Small Space Inside studs Sale priceFrom €592.00
Shooting Star earringsShooting Star earrings
Shooting Star earrings Sale price€389.00
Small Space Inside earring jacketsSmall Space Inside earring jackets
Small Space Inside earring jackets Sale priceFrom €1,135.00
Milky way necklaceMilky way necklace
Milky way necklace Sale price€6,900.00
Small space inside earringsSmall space inside earrings
Small space inside earrings Sale priceFrom €1,229.00
Sold outMilky Way bracelet with skullsMilky Way bracelet with skulls
Milky Way bracelet with skulls Sale price€1,325.00
Twisted Skull cuff braceletTwisted Skull cuff bracelet
Twisted Skull cuff bracelet Sale price€645.00
Medusa earrings
Medusa earrings Sale price€435.00
Head Of The FamilyHead Of The Family
Head Of The Family Sale priceFrom €525.00
Skeleton Hand RingSkeleton Hand Ring
Skeleton Hand Ring Sale price€375.00
Triple skull bracelet
Triple skull bracelet Sale price€398.00
Skull ring XS
Skull ring XS Sale priceFrom €209.00
Skull Ring SSkull Ring S
Skull Ring S Sale priceFrom €250.00
Skull ring MSkull ring M
Skull ring M Sale priceFrom €295.00
Skull ring LSkull ring L
Skull ring L Sale priceFrom €341.00
Mini skull pendant
Mini skull pendant Sale priceFrom €180.00
Skull pendant
Skull pendant Sale priceFrom €310.00
Skull necklace
Skull necklace Sale price€690.00
Skull earrings with chain
Skull earrings with chain Sale price€167.00
Skull cufflinks
Skull cufflinks Sale price€366.00