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Keep The Luck In

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The black diamond horseshoe pendant

The tradition of the luck bringing horseshoe is centuries old. The form a horseshoe resembles cornucopia which makes it a symbol of good luck and prosperity. When worn like this with the points upwards the horseshoe keeps the good luck in for the bearer. The horseshoe is also believed to ward off the evil because of the legend of St Dunstan who in 959 AD was asked by the Devil to attach a horseshoe to his cloven hoof and did it so painfully that the Devil made an oath never entering to a room where a horseshoe is displayed.

Pendant is fully handcrafted using traditional goldsmithing techniques. Detailed with saw pierced ajours and millegrain set with a total of 0.53ct of black diamonds.


Chain Lenght:

Chain Lenght

Keep The Luck In
Keep The Luck In Sale price€3,380.00